, Derbyshire

€¢ Over a decade of photographic experience, mainly journalistic and stock photography
€¢ Been shooting glamour styles for the last 5 years
€¢ Have now shot several adult models since last year

I currently shoot for;
€¢ ukhoneys - a glamour nude based site, using unpublished models in real locations
€¢ an adult based spin-off to the ukhoneys site, which I can provide links to if you wish to see (interested models only please)
€¢ I also have a handful of small projects available which are generally quite a bit different than the stuff I shoot on a day-to-day basis, which are mainly for portfolio use. Message me, or keep an eye on the forums for details


I'm always after new models to shoot - I'm fairly relaxed in terms of who I pick to shoot, but I do have some criteria that need to be met for paid work.

€¢ Model happy to work to a minimum level of topless, but priority will be given to nude models
€¢ MUST be 18+ and be able to prove it with photographic, government issued ID (Passport/Drivers)
€¢ At least one prior reference, with a recognised photographer who themselves have references with other models
€¢ Model willing to travel - I try to book locations near to the model, but cannot guarantee this 100% - full travel expenses are always reimbursed


I will only shoot models that have had cosmetic surgery under certain circumstances, generally only for medical reasons (for example, to cover/fill cyst removal etc.)
Models who have had breast augmentation, no matter how 'realistic' you say they are, will NOT be considered


Tattoos are generally not a concern, but may be, depending on what they are, and where they are placed. If they are a concern, then this doesn't mean that you won't be suitable, as many can be covered with Dermablend and/or removed with post-shoot editing


Under most circumstances, the majority or piercings are fine and won't pose a problem. If your piercings are removable, that would be a benefit, but not always necessary.


Most scars can be worked around, and we have 3 main ways of dealing with them;
€¢ Covered using Dermablend corrective foundation
€¢ Hidden using props, clothing or careful camera angles
€¢ Removed using post-shoot editing software
I cannot plan round this and make my MUA aware if you don't let me know!


A model release form will need to be signed for all paid shoots. If you wish to read a copy of our standard release form before agreeing to shoot then let me know and I can forward you a copy


I'm happy to provide a CD of images from the shoot for personal and portfolio use. These will usually be sent within 2-3 weeks after the shoot. Any images that you wish to have in your portfolio, either online or print, then I'm happy to edit these images for you, as long as photographer/MUA credits & copyright information is retained. Images may not be used for commercial use, unless agreed & written permission is obtained.


Due to time restrictions, this is not something that I offer all the time. However, I will consider it for local models, or models who are willing to travel to me. Models with no current references would be expected to come and shoot on a TFP/CD basis before being offered paid work. Travel expenses will be covered.


Chaperones, for the most part, are a good thing. Anything we can do (within reason) to make the shoot as easy and comfortable for you we will. However, I will not shoot in front of groups of people as I don't like people peering over my shoulder while I work, so limit attendance of chaperones to 1.
Off-putting, interfering chaperones will be asked to sit away from the shoot out of sight, or just be asked to leave.
All chaperones attending shoots, will be fully trained in how I like my coffee :-)


I generally shoot models that are size 8-12 - happy to go up to 14 if you're tall & busty, happy to go down to 6 if you're very petite. I won't shoot any (too fat or too thin) models that I deem to be unhealthy, or a bad example to impressionable people.
Breast size is fine from A-huge as long as they're perky and real. I will ask to see topless pictures before we shoot if there aren't any on your portfolio, as I've had models turn up who've been a little bit further south than expected.


Are available on request.


Apologies for my ranting if you've managed to get this far. I prefer to get all this sort of stuff out the way well before the shoot, so that everyone knows what is expected of them on the day of the shoot. Anything I've missed feel free to message me. Hope to work with you soon
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