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Thank you for taking the time to drop by and look at my portfolio. My name is John and I have been in the photography business for over 35 years now. I am a military veteran of 25 years and way back in 1982 on returning home from the Falklands war I decided that I needed a hobby something completely different so I took up photography at my local college and from small acorns...…...

When I retired from the military I threw myself into photography full time with mixed success but enough to get by with. In 2005 I went to the USA initially for 6 months and ended up spending 12 years out there. Someone asked me to shoot a wedding which I did, which led to another wedding and so on. I then set up my own studio over there and focused on weddings, glamour and family portraits.

As luck would have it I was approached by the local high school and asked to shoot their graduation, this then led to the prom, homecoming, yearbook etc. Amazingly enough along came another three schools. So with four schools, weddings, family shoots and the studio work there was a lot of burning the midnight oil to get all the work out.

I returned back to the UK in 2016 and more or less retired. I no longer shoot for profit or gain, but I cant give up the 'bug' I have to shoot, but now I shoot as and when I want to and I love it just as much as I always have. 

I also have ports on AdultFolio and Purpleport under the same username bungy1 if you are on there please drop by and say hey.


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