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Sandon, Staffordshire


Sandon Studio is a dream location for photographers and models (the home studio of Lizzie Bayliss, model and photographer).

The studio, near Stafford, is a huge period house with high ceilings and a very large private garden . Originally built in 1580, and substantially extended in 1760, and 1847, the house retains many of its original features, including oak, and quarry-tile floors . It has NINE bedrooms, and SIX reception rooms, including a fully-equipped photographic studio and dark room . Many of the bedrooms remain unfurnished and are used to build sets. Current sets include:

1970's 'Abigail's Party' (after the Mike Leigh play) - bright wallpaper, sofa, 1970's sideboard, fur rug and 1970's record sleeves.

Arabian Nights : lots of floaty curtains/sashes, exotic style daybed/table and a carved mangowood screen.

The cellar: dark, spooky, and medieval! Lights needed.

The attic bedrooms (natural light from above) : a grungey bed, as well as a spinning whee and other props.

Girly dressing room: Pink feminine wallpaper, white metal day bed with pastel tone cushions, satinwood dressing table and feminine props.

There are three staircases, wide hallways, and some ceilings are twelve feet six inches high. There is also a derelict coach house and stable block. The rear garden is 1.2 acres, and completely private.

Studio room and itinerary:

The Studio is 22?? x 15??, with 12??6?? ceilings, and includes the following equipment:

Two 500R Bowens lights

Two 200R Bowens lights

Three 180w small fill-in lights, also great for use with natural light.

One 600w battery pack with two heads- one is an S-Type fit regular flash head the other is a Ringflash head

Low wattage continuous/video lights

Bowens fit 70cm beauty dish with white interior and removable grid

Bowens fit 20cm long reflector, with silver interior and removable grid.

Bowens fit spill kill/ reflector with grids

Two Bowens fit strip boxes with removable grids.

One Bowens fit small square soft box with grid.

One 1m square Bowens fit soft box with grid.

One Bowens fit medium soft box

Universal white, black and silver umbrellas.

Bowens fit barn doors

Bowens fit snoot with removable grid.

Reflector and stand, also two large and two small polyboards

There are radio triggers which means the lights are all compatible.

The lights will also work with infra-red triggers.

There are three vinyl backdrops: in black, mid grey, and white and three paper backdrops in carnation pink, ceramic blue, and beige. There is also a portable backdrop stand which can be used to suspend material/ curtains etc.

Hiring Charges: The hire charges are as follows:

For two/three people (usually one photographer and one/two models): £25 an hour, £80 half day, £130 full day

For four people: £45 an hour, £130 half day, £220 full day

For five people: £50 an hour, £170 half day, £300 full day

For six - twenty people: £70 an hour, £240 half day, £400 full day. Group of six or more will have full and exclusive use of the whole site.

Please note that this is a HUGE venue, having over twenty rooms and a very large private garden, so it is capable of hosting two or three different photoshoots simultaneously without any need for sharing.

Hiring Conditions and Guidance:

Payment: Payment should be by bank transfer at the time of booking, or by cash on arrival.

Studio Hours: The normal studio day is 9.00am-5.00pm

Parking: Please park at the rear of the house, taking care not to obstruct others, then enter the house through the front door.

Chaperones: Chaperones, MUST remain with the shoot at all times, or wait in their car in the parking area. Chaperones must not be left alone to wander around the site unsupervised.

Shoes: Please leave outdoor shoes in the front hall, and change into indoor shoes. Models are asked not to stand on furniture or beds in high heels.

Furniture: Please take care not to place hot/wet cups on French-polished furniture. Please replace any furniture or other items you move during your shoot.

Towels: If using any of the bathrooms, please bring your own towels. If oil is used in the bath or shower, it MUST be cleaned off afterwards so the the area is safe for the next user.

Lights: If you need to use studio lights, please specify when booking.

Catering: There is a small kitchenette off the studio which can be used for self-catering. It has a kettle, microwave oven, and tea/coffee/sugar/milk powder is provided. Please wash up when you have finished. If you wish to have a buffet lunch provided, this may be possible, given enough notice, but please note that there is an excellent pub ?? The Dog and Doublet ?? only 100 yards from the house which serves first-class food. There is also a village shop close by which sells hot snacks.

Nudes outside: If shooting nudes outside, please be careful not to shoot on the part of the back driveway which is visible from the road. It is best to shoot outdoor nudes in the rear garden, which is completely private, or in any part of the buildings. Bookings from those shooting 'adult' work are also welcome.
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