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The Pentax K-r is a 12.4-megapixel digital single-lens reflex camera, announced on September 9, 2010, and replaced the K-x in Pentax' line-up, with which it shares many features. The K-r is available in three body colors (black, white and red) in North America, with other colors available only in the Japanese market. The K-r introduces a new SAFOX IX autofocus system and has a 3-inch display. There is a known issue with front focus and the Pentax K-r. In low kelvin light the camera has severe front focus and this cannot be corrected with the AF fine tune. Pentax did not solve the problem; it is thought the AF module is responsible for the problem.
The image quality of Pentax K-r and K-x is identical, but colour fidelity in JPEG output has been increased. The K-r has been improved over the K-x in other areas, such as the K-r showing the active focus point in the viewfinder when the shutter button is half-pressed, the K-r offering the joint second-widest ISO range in the Pentax line-up along with K-30—100-25600 in extended mode, which only the K-5 exceeds (K-x: 12800 in extended mode), having the joint second-fastest continuous shooting (6.0 fps) of current Pentax DSLRs (same as the K-30), and using rechargeable battery Li-Ion D-LI109 as standard, but having the ability to use 4xAA batteries with optional battery holder (the K-x uses AA batteries exclusively). The K-r also has a slightly larger, and much higher resolving display at 921,000 pixels vs. the K-x's 230,000.

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