Content Review Statistics

Welcome to MCM content review area. Every month, our screeners review thousands of images, and hundreds of new members. While you see the front end, the result of everything we approve, our aim is to provide a bit of transparency behind the numbers of what MCM

New Members

In the past 30 days, our screeners have reviewed 213 new members. The screeners have cast 469 votes for these members, of which 247 were to approve and 222 were to reject

ReasonCountTrend to previous 30 days
Irrelevant images30 25%
Not enough images7 17%
Too little profile info63 -53%
No "about me"47 7%
Copyright infringement11 -48%
Modelling agency, agent or scout0 -100%
Under age13 -19%
Low quality content0 -100%
Non modelling imagery1 -100%
Email as username4 -85%
Other40 60%

New Media

In the past 30 days, our screeners have reviewed 1,267 new images. The screeners have cast 3,567 votes for this media, of which 1,979 were to approve, 1,314 were to reject, and 274 were passed for further review.

ReasonCountTrend to previous 30 days
Low quality137 -100%
Content quality336 -100%
Non-artistic nudity60 -100%
Non-modelling195 -100%
Copyright infringement63 -100%
Incorrectly rotated12 -100%

Member Reports

In the past 30 days, we've reviewed 5 reports, of which 0 resulted in member bans.

ReasonReportsTrend to previous 30 daysBansTrend to previous 30 days
Inappropriate or Offensive2 100%0 -100%
Profile is empty2 100%0 -100%
Fake Profile1 -50%0 -100%
This person is annoying me0 -100%0 -100%
Spam or Scam0 -100%0 -100%

Media Reports

In the past 30 days, we've reviewed 7 reports, of which 2 resulted in media removal.

ReasonReportsTrend to previous 30 daysRemovalsTrend to previous 30 days
Copyright Issue4 -43%1 -86%
Offensive0 -100%0 -100%
Sexually Explicit1 -89%0 -100%
Non Modelling1 -86%1 -67%
Low Quality1 -83%0 -100%
Non Artistic Nudity0 -100%0 -100%
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