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Norwood, Greater London

Hello fabulous people!

I am Tamsin Riley but you can call me Tammy. I am a 24 year old model and event planner from Dulwich, London.

I spend a lot of time performing - being in from of the camera or on the stage is where I feel most at home.
I am very outgoing and confident which I find helps to break that initial tension that can come with shoots.
I'm really very friendly and a bubbly person with a wicked sense of humour that usually comes across during shoot planning so you're usually prepped in advance of the shoot.

Many photographers I have worked with have commented on my inability to shut up. I really can talk for England so if you like a natter we will be like peas in a pod but equally I can zip it - obviously my mouth stops moving when the camera starts clicking!
When I don't speak, I'm usually humming or singing mostly because I am a professional singer so usually have some sort of tune playing in my head... but like I say, I'm not selfish so I try to share those tunes.

Finally: I don't get offended easily, so if you have a twisted humour, don't hold it back. Similarly don't worry about what you call my female bits I really don't mind: from lady garden to headlights I've heard it all!


And now the boring part:

I'm a part time model in the process of becoming a touch more full time in Lingerie, Swimwear, Beauty and Parts. My other jobs are event planning and performance related - Classical singing, Dance, Musical Theatre and Acting. Even though I have multiple professions, they are all affecting my modelling in a positive way and visa versa. 

This means I can also be booked for shoots involving dance, singing, acting, themes/roles etc
You can also book me for singing, dance, promotional work and for this I can send a link to my personal website.

I work for pay mostly, but I will offer/accept TF if I like your work and think it beneficial for my portfolio. 

If you are looking to book me for a shoot on a TF basis please do get in touch as I am always happy to discuss proposals with an open mind.

TRAVEL: I live in London and am happy to travel anywhere covered by the Tube Map. I of course do shoots out of London but ask that my travel is covered (additional to my arranged fee)


A bit about shooting style and levels:

I don't believe in levels, I'm happy to do anything as long as it is done in a tasteful way. I do have my limits though, which is:

- I won't do wide open legs and let just the shadow hide what needs to be hidden.
- If my lady-parts are on show, you can't use the picture. If you do snap a picture with too much on show, I expect you to delete the photo or photoshop it out
- I won't put anything into any parts of my body, even if it is hidden.
- I don't do "men's magazine" style pictures. Showing my boobs with a big smile is just not my thing.
- Again, no overly sexy playboy style images in any style.
- I don't "get real" with other models.

Other than this, I love to do as many styles as possible, so feel free to message me even if you want to work on something you don't see on my portfolio yet.
When I'm not modelling, I'm dressing which classically and stylishly in vintage and the likes. Also I have a wide selection of dresses and also Cosplay outfits if you are into that Smile
I also have practically a million shoes.
O and truck loads of lingerie Smile

My appearance:

I have an athletic and slim physique for the most part however my bottom is a little more shapely - that isn't to say I am fat, far from it I am ballet type just with an arty bum Smile My chest is quite boyish so I have done some androgynous type shoots.

My face is not the typical fashion model face. Art Deco, renaissance, classical, dramatic, fantasy and romantic pictures compliment my appearance best.

I have light brown hair which can appear dark brown and even Irish strawberry blond/ red so there is loads of scope in terms of what can be achieved.

My skin is very good for the most parts - I have slight dry skin on my upper arms and my face can be a bit dry but that is easily sorted with a little cream and it takes to makeup really well. Most colours also work really well on my skin so its versatile for themes Smile


I am a singer so shoots with microphones and things are awesome and I am fully accepting of video shoots and stuff like that
Acting and themed shoots are also very much welcome.

I do ballet and am quite flexible so am open to those style of shoots Smile

I am also quite into climbing mostly bouldering but also parkour so I am happy to get up to places where most models don't; high building and the likes Smile
Please accept if I judge somewhere to be unsafe and don't want to climb on something I won't be doing so until you do: so if you book me with somewhere I have described in mind please send pictures or have a backup Smile

I can do my own make-up to a high standard.

If you want my hair curled, you have to let me know at least a day in advance. If you let me know too late, I'm unable to curl it - I have a very long and thick hair that takes plenty of time to style.

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