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Hi, thanks for taking the time to look at my profile. I'm a hobbyist photographer, but a serious one. I want to create great images, but it's very important to me to have fun while doing it. 

I've been into photography for years, but only got into glamour and nude photography a few years ago. So I've been gradually building up my experience and now feel almost like I know what I'm doing, but I know I've still got loads to learn, which is part of the fun!

Anyway, enough about me. Have a look at my portfolio and if you like what you see get in touch, tell me about you, and let's see if we can create some magic together!

NB When booking a shoot with me please be aware that I am a transvestite. I tell you this because it is my habit to wear women's clothing during a shoot (I'd say "dress as a woman" but I don't think the illusion's that good, haha!). If you're not completely comfortable with the idea please say "no"; you won't be the first. On the other hand it may help to know that I was thus attired when I took all the photos on my portfolio. 

BTW,  the images on this portfolio conform with Madcow's image rules, so although there's some suggestive and/or erotic images on here there's nothing that could be classified as truly "adult".  If you would like to see a broader portfolio of my erotic and adult work you can do so at AdultFolio .

A word about the albums: The word "album" immediately means "music" to me so when I was casting around for an organising principle for my images that play on the meaning of the word "album" seemed like an obvious one. Daft? Yes. Pretentious? Probably. But at least it's a little different.

Please note that albums marked * may contain one or more images of an erotic or adult nature which should not be viewed by hewers of coal (think about it) or those of a nervous disposition. If you consider yourself incorruptible (or already so corrupted that a few nudie pix won't make any difference), make sure you select "Show Nudity"(see bottom of this page).

Once upon a time you could read notes attached to each album which explained the sometimes strained logic connecting the album title with the images therein, but these seem to have vanished in one of the endless revamps of the site, and it is no longer possible to attach notes to albums. So...  Greatest Hits  is starred images and competition winners, whilst  The Best Of... is my personal favourites.  As for the rest, well you'll just have to guess the connection between the images and the title. Why, for instance, is an album of Headshots and Portraits entitled Ooh La La ?  If you tire of guessing, go to another portfolio hosting site of a rather more Purple hue, where you can still read the album notes.

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