Harlow, Essex


I am a 50 something photographer shooting a lot of not "classically English rose" beautiful people for enjoyment and as a personal challenge to myself to produce great art.

I believe everyone can produce a beautiful image we just need to find it! The rest is all smoke and mirrors!

An Essex boy who drops is H's and does not drive a fancy car, I have never used the word "ream" and if I ever tell you to "Shut AHHHp!"  I mean stop talking....

Photography does not come easy to me and It's my de-stress from a challenging life so I challenge myself to deliver every time!

I don't take my

self too seriously and try and have fun every time I shoot and If I make you laugh then mission accomplished..

If you are happy to come along for the ride climb aboard and lets do this thing!


Thought I would write this bio differently so here are your questions answered.

What is your Availability:



What will I get from You?  

100% commitment and 5 images per hour of shooting, within a week.


I don't have much experience?  

No problem, I have taught many ladies to deliver great images from no experience.


What do you shoot?

Anything in my albums and they are arranged for you to see styles you might want to shoot.


Will you travel to me? Yes I prefer to do this and normally 100 miles or 2 hours on a Sunday or maybe a Saturday


What about Outdoors? 

I'm happy to work outdoors having spent most of shooting life indoors so keen to develop my skills. Happy to meet in London around Tower Bridge where there are some great shoot locations or even somewhere near you, if you have a location.


When is a shoot confirmed?  

When you accept on PP, Give me your address and postcode and a tel number, then it’s a firm booking


Would you as the photographer cancel on me?

Unlikely but if I have to I will do it in plenty of time and I wont travel in dangerous weather that’s about it. If I cant get you at all on the day of the shoot I simply wont leave home and assume I have been dumped.


Do you pay? Not normally


When do you pay?

If I want something specific like a model for a workshop.


What gear will you bring?

I have a car full but at least a studio flash, stands and accessories and 2 full frame SLR camera thingy's with Lenses. I don’t shoot I -phone pics if that was your question.


What about backgrounds?

I can use plain walls, I have a paper roll and stands but I need 8 sq feet at least and agree to bring it as I don’t carry it. I have 3 pop ups and if all else fails I will shoot low light and lose the background in the image or fuzz it out later.


What about my welfare?

I wont do anything dangerous and anything else I try to give you breaks and stuff.


Do you Publish?

I don’t tend to submit for publishing but have no issues if you want to. You need to discuss with me as the images need to be specific for publication.


Male Models- do you shoot them?

Not normally as if they are nude one naturally tends to compare and I always lose.


What about if I am older or have stretch marks and wrinkles and saggy boobs?

I will shoot almost anyone regardless of age size or anything else. "Real" women have stretch marks and flaws and I have no issue with shooting them and can generally edit them by agreement. If you consider yours to be a particular issue best tell me in advance and I can see what I can do. Photoshop is great but only as good as the user and I sometimes have to tell models I'm a photographer not a magician!. If your wrinkles need an iron rather than a cream  then best we talk first.

If you consider yourself to have "Saggy" boobs these are not an issue as long as you don't have to lift your skirt up to flash them!. Natural Boobs should be tear dropped shape and anything other than that is a "beautiful freak" -As long as they are on your chest they photograph well. I draw the line if your nipples leave gouge marks in the pavement when you walk though! Everyone has standards!


I have added you to my work with list!

AND sent no message-waste of your time..!


What space do you need?  

I can shoot at your home  and despite what you think everyone has space but it may not be possible to shoot certain styles and shots. Don't worry about the light that’s my job and I have all the gear.


What about a hotel shoot?

Only if you book it and fund it.


How will you get to me?

By car with Sat-Nav unless your in London and I will travel lighter and by tube.


How long do you keep images?

I delete the raw files so if you need different sizes you just need to tell me in advance. Once they are deleted I cannot produce larger sizes.


Can I get all the unedited?

No they are not a finished work and not what I wish to portray as my work.


Do I have copyright?

In almost all instances no you don’t unless agreed in writing in advance.


What levels do you shoot?

Up to and including frontal nude but not close up genitals


What levels will we shoot?

Whatever we agree in advance and it wont deviate on either part. I am currently messing with Dreamy Daylight, Low Light Erotic Style,Close up Detail inc for Beauty, Quirky Beauty shots, Defined Muscles and Figures like Abs and Biceps, Oil and Water, Detailed Nipple Shots, Shallow Depth of Field (Blurry Backgrounds). SDOF Outdoors as well.


How will I know what is in the images in terms of bits of me?

We will discuss it in detail if necessary using plain and frank discussion.


Can I have a chaperone present ?

 yes, as long as they have more than a peanut for a brain, don’t think photographers are items to punch and don’t feel the need to have input in the shoot.They may end up being an assistant.


Can I get an MUA?

Yes if you wish. They mostly let me down last minute though so I don’t tend to use them myself.


What about if I need to cancel will I get a neg reference?

 If you re-book I won’t leave a neg ref. I won’t leave home without contact on the day of some sort and would expect some sort of contact to cancel regardless of how serious it is. One text takes no time at all.


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